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Our clinic is set up in a spacious and comfortable environment, with multiple consultation rooms, procedure rooms and a record room. All patients’ records are locked up in the storage cabinet in the record room for double security.

The clinic is well-equipped with:

Ultrasound Scanners

All consultation rooms and procedure rooms are equipped with ultrasound scanners, which are used to examine the uterus, the ovaries and the baby. Doppler ultrasound scan is also available. Overhead monitors are installed in all consultation rooms so that patients or mothers can see the real-time ultrasound scan images. For mothers of over 12 weeks of pregnancy, they can choose to video-tap the ultrasound scan process.

Cardiotocograph or Electronic Fetal Monitor (EFM)

The fetal heart rate and the activity of the uterine muscle are detected by two transducers placed on the mother’'s abdomen (one above the fetal heart and the other at the fundus). The information is recorded on a paper strip. This test is done in the third trimester when necessary, to check the well-being of the baby.

Autoclave Sterilizer

Apart from using disposable instruments, there are a number of special gynaecological instruments that are made of metal and sterilizable. All these instruments are treated according to the principal of universal precaution. They are treated with antiseptic solution, followed by sterilization in the medical autoclave.