Egg Freezing Egg Freezing

A woman's chance of conceiving naturally falls as she gets older because the quality and number of her eggs drop. A woman who wishes to delay childbearing, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, can consider egg freezing when she is young and the eggs are of higher quality, so she can try to have a family at a later date.

It involves:

  1. Medication is used to boost the ovaries to produce more eggs;

  2. A needle is inserted into the ovaries via the vagina to collect the eggs;

  3. Freezing the eggs.

Egg freezing can be considered in:

  1. Cancer patients whose treatment will destroy the ovaries;

  2. Patients who need surgical or other treatments for a medical disease that will destroy the ovaries;

  3. Healthy women who may wish to preserve their fertility by storing eggs when they are young. This is often called elective or social egg freezing.

We work in collaboration with Hong Kong Assisted Reproduction Centre (HKARC) to provide egg freezing service. HKARC is an IVF centre specialized in assisted reproduction technology treatments. At HKARC, the eggs are frozen with the latest state-of-the-art vitrification method, which is better than the old-fashioned slow freezing method. Vitrified eggs have a higher survival rate when the eggs are thawed, and hence a higher chance of bringing about a pregnancy.

Our centre has launched a time-limited egg freezing package at a very competitive discounted fee, for more information, please click here.